Chilli & Black Pepper Sauce

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Although this is our hottest sauce it still has the underlying fruity base that runs through our whole range



We developed our Chilli & Black Pepper Sauce as our hottest sauce.  Although it does not step outside of our ethos of flavour before heat, it is hot but still has the fruity overtones that runs through all of our range.  This sauce is designed to delight the palate with a flavour that grows ending with a tingle of black pepper.

It is a hugely versatile sauce which really lifts everyday meals to new heights.  This sauce makes a wonderful stir fry sauce or brings an interesting warmth to slow cooked ribs.  A teaspoon added to a cottage pie makes a really special meal.  Or again just a blob to dip chips in just works!

2 reviews for Chilli & Black Pepper Sauce

  1. Matthew Andrews

    After a recommendation from Martin at the Hythe Festival. I gave this a try, and true to what he said. This is a truly everyday sauce, just a slight hint and kick at the back of your throat, a very fruity flavour, such a lovely balance. Is defiantly one of my go to sauces.

  2. Unknown

    I’ve had this sauce for about a week now and have literally put it on everything I could. It works with everything and I haven’t had a combination of spices that balance each other so well since when I was little and my dad used to cook me up chilli. I would honestly drink this stuff if I had enough of it. I’ve always loved spicy food but I’ve always thought that sauces are either flavourful or spicy, never both. However this is the perfect combination of both. I would honestly recommend this to anyone. It is simply gorgeous and I’ll be ordering another 100 bottles soon, lol xx

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