Chilli Sprinkle


Each pot contains enough spices to generously coat 1kg of meat



We are especially proud of our dry marinade which we call Chilli Sprinkle because that is all you need to do, just sprinkle it over meat or fish (or even tofu or veg) before frying, baking or grilling.  The marinade has again been developed using our unique blend of, not just chillies, but spices and herbs too and also comes in two strengths.  It only has to be sprinkled on both sides of your chosen meat or fish etc. and left for a minimum of 15 minutes before cooking in whatever way you choose.  The marinade will mingle with the natural juices of your food and will impart flavour deep in your dish.  Adds a real warmth to chicken breasts, pork chops, ribs, burgers or steaks – the list is endless!


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